ZONE 1 LeadershipWe’ve all experienced people in positions of power who seem to have trouble understanding and using that power effectively. For most of us, poor leadership is easy to spot because we’ve been on the receiving end of it. The culture that ineffective leaders produce is the direct product of who they are as leaders, yet many poor leaders seem to be unable to accept responsibility for their actions and do something about it.

ZONE 1 Leadership is about changing that dynamic. It’s about how to develop into a selfless, genuine, ZONE 1 leader who can create a team that functions as a ZONE 1 team - the way we all know a team should be. ZONE 1 Leadership is immediately practical, and can produce rapid changes through simple, common sense actions.

Wouldn’t you really like to lead or be on a team that achieves important things with people who are excited by what they do and look forward to coming to work? Then Zone 1 Leadership is for you.


About the Authors

Michael Evans and Robert Walsh have together provided leadership and organizational development consulting services for many years. They are both veterans of the U.S. Navy, with Michael having served as an Expeditor in the Seabees for six years, and Robert as a Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor for 23 years in the Submarine Service. Their Naval service literally made them polar opposites, with Michael having served at Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica, and Robert having operated under the ice at the North Pole. They both hail from upstate New York, Michael from Oneida, and Robert from Syracuse. Robert relocated to the Detroit, MI metro area in 2004 where he currently resides. Zone 1 Leadership is their first book written together.

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